Make a Way!

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In our last e-Zine we shared about the dream Johan had.

About 3 weeks later we had approximately 500 mm of rain in 3 days, which lead to extensive flooding and damage on several farms. We were again reminded of this dream and stood in awe of the power of water that takes away everything in its path. The Spirit revealed to us that this physical rain and floods were symbolical of what the Lord is doing spiritually – washing away all false doctrine, strongholds and unbelief and making a way for His mighty River of Living Water!

As soon as the water started subsiding, Johan had a powerful conviction to do a prophetic action, i e doing a physical action that will have profound spiritual meaning. As God has used prophets, God has never just given they fiery words to say, God has given them graphic symbols to display – walking around naked to display the shamefulness of God’s people, wearing an ox yoke to symbolize the burden God’s people were placing on others, Hosea marrying a prostitute as a way to convey God’s love of Israel the whore, and so on.


One Saturday morning we donned our hiking boots, armed with 3 bottles containing pure olive oil, clean fountain water and a bottle of our hand-made red wine respectively, and a piece of bread, and went bundu bashing to the largest and highest lying dam on our farm.

There we broke the Bread, and took the Cup, and prayed and proclaimed healing, anointing and a fresh move of God’s Spirit all along the river as we emptied the water (His Living Water), the wine (His blood and redemption) and the oil (fresh anointing) into the river just below a waterfall originating from our dam.

We know that something has shifted in the spiritual realm.



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