Prophetic Word for 2009

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2009 will a a year of being filled with and manifesting the Holy Spirit. It will be led by joy; the ushering in of Kingdom manifestations will be led by joy! Forget about all kinds of feasts and fables for there is only one feast: a Jesus feast, only one King, King Jesus!

2009 spells, no, it prophecies, speaks into being, yes 2009 speaks into being Joy, Joy, Joy unspeakable to the world, and peace on earth. A year where the Spirit of the living God is going to move as never before, in presence, in glory, in fullness, in awesome healings, in resurrections, harvest of souls, provision of joy, peace and righteousness, a Kingdom manifesting year.

Be ready to see God move, His Spirit is hovering over us, especially those that carry the Word, which is the water, the streams of living water. Joyous festive singing and dancing are to break loose later this year, undignified parties of the Holy Ghost kind. NO MORE wailing walls. The party has begun… in fact, it has already started 2000 years ago! We have been misled by religious demons  (Heb 12:22-24 and Neh 8). Wash your faces and put on joy for your festive garments, it’s party time, lovers of Jesus! The Holy Ghost’s whirling and twirling of the heavenly kind (Seph 3:17) has started, don’t miss the trains and rivers of joy flowing from the east (the temple of God).

You, Beloved, are the temple of God, with your face turned fully to the east and flesh blinding rays of the Son (Ezek 47). It will overtake you, so be prepared to drown in the joys of Heaven, in the joy of your Father, rivers of Godly joy, Amazon rivers driving the sea of sin and wailing back hundreds of miles.. Put on your party shoes, put on your dancing shoes.

Let the joy of the Lord explode in you, through you.

Joy unspeakable and full of glory, joy, joy, joy, feasts of joy, no more wailing walls, but waves of joy and wonder and peace and provision.

The year of the Spirit in fruit, in gifts, in fullness, in peace, joy and righteousness!

The kingdom of peace, the kingdom of joy, and the kingdom of righteousness to manifest in all its fullness this year. Spirit of the living God, Holy Spirit, move your people with love feasts of joyous celebration this year!

It’s party time, no more tears, no more wailing, no more false emotional worship, it’s party time, Saints, let the joy of the Lord overflow from us to the lost, and let them be drawn like bees drawn to honey jars. Let the joy flow like heavenly honey from Father’s throne.

Make room, make room, bus loads, ships, oceans, terrestrial spaces in your minds and hearts for joyous feasts. The joy of the Lord is our strength in 2009, strengthen yourself with joy, let joy move your feet, set them a’dancin before your God with joy, joy, joy.

Father is setting up one or two places where joy, harmony and rhythm of the drums will lead some of the greatest worship ever with powerful instruments never seen or heard before. Leading from the southern tip of Africa. From the South, and the North every continent will follow after the example from Southern African drums, harmony and rhythm.

Joy to the world! The anointed drum, voices and worship drive out fear, demons of sickness and poverty, and spontaneously bring healing as well as peace and righteousness…all three together will testify of the awesome power and fullness of our God and the resurrection power of the Holy Spirit!

I speak joy, proclaim joy into hearts and places where there is no joy, peace into every situation on earth, as in heaven so on earth.

Great feasts of Joy, peace that surpasses all understanding, oneness in Jesus Christ our Lord, who died for all.

Where there is tribulation, I speak peace, joy and righteousness – the manifestation of the Kingdom of God in His fullness, where there’s end time tribulation expectation, I call the perfection of God. I call encouragement, edification, building up, no fear of tribulation, of rumours of wars and temples and feasts and keeping of ritual and fables and the like. I call as it is in heaven so on earth, I proclaim the favourable year of the kingdom of God: Peace, Joy and Righteousness in the Holy Ghost.

What we pray and what we say, is what we proclaim this year, and what we will receive. Do not proclaim stale doctrines of places and lightweight signs, but only one sign: Jesus the only sign – the sign of Jonah, no other sign is of any worth! I call the Kingdom of joy, peace and righteousness to manifest, to drive out the kingdom of tribulation, sickness and death out in the Name of Jesus. As it is in heaven, so we pray in the Name of our Father and His Son, Jesus Christ with the full manifestation and resurrection power of the Holy Ghost.

It’s time! It’s time, My Sons and Daughters, to take over the whole earth so that peace, joy and righteousness may manifest on this earth – not wars, rumours of wars. Let My Kingdom come, My kingdom of peace, joy and righteousness. It is time, it is take over time, let it flow, let it flow, let it show! Let peace reign, let sickness and death vanish in righteousness! No more manmade kings or kingdoms, but the King of kings and the Kingdom of His peace must manifest – let it manifest, let it manifest!

The essence of the Kingdom message is that it must be manifested now, and that it will determine your reward (which is Godly works) – theology and doctrines will be destroyed by fire when Jesus comes. Therefore you have one chance to add to your talents (Kingdom talents) of righteousness, joy and peace, and the time is now – not for someday or for the rapture, but right here and now. God is challenging you and me to manifest as His sons and daughters right now!

Run like Paul, focus on Jesus Christ and the Cross, punch to make a difference for the Kingdom, out of a position of resting in Him, and His Spirit flowing through you effortlessly! Let His streams of living water gush forth effortlessly!

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