My Father’s Final Word? 

Do you desire a more exciting, explosive and living relationship with the indwelling Christ, the Word of God?

As you read My Father’s Final Word? the scriptures will open up in a Christological/ Christ-centred manner.

5 things you’ll gain:

  1. God’s Word will explode like a stream of living water as mighty as the Amazon river.
  2. You’ll regain your spiritual Name and Language.
  3. You’ll be able to explain God’s deep manifold mysteries quickened by the Holy Spirit.
  4. You’ll know that you’re a word sent forth by God to accomplish your God-given purpose.
  5. You’ll  effectively  wield the Sword of the Spirit in your faith walk by knowing Jesus as the final Word of God.


My Father’s Final Word? is jampacked with guidelines and practical solutions.

My Father’s Final Word? will lead you into that relationship, and is the first in an exciting trilogy of books leading you from the outer court through the inner court right into the Holy of Holies.

This book can be yours for a donation of only R95!



Proceeds will be donated to God With Us Ministries for missionary outreaches.

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