First Works

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So keep in mind where you were at first, and be changed in heart and do the first works; or I will come to you, and will take away your light from its place, if your hearts are not changed. Rev 2:5

Do you remember the time after you made Jesus Christ the Lord of your life? That zeal, tenderness, love, peace, seriousness and earnest prayers? Do you remember the first love He has placed in your heart, that one thing that you wanted to do for Him with everything within you?

What occupies your thoughts now when you begin a new day? What things in your life takes up most of your time and energy? Is it the first works He has placed in your heart, or the cares of the world (Mark 4:19)? Have you perhaps allowed the cares, disappointments and painful experiences to steal your zeal, your vision and calling?

On Saturday afternoon, we attended a meeting held by Angus Buchan, of the film Faith Like Potatoes (of which more than 330 000 DVD’s were sold in the United States alone), in Worcester where 20 000 people attended. What an awesome sight to see so many people for the first time publically declaring Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior!

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Oom Angus, a farmer, is a perfect example of someone who kept following his calling of a evangelist and doing the first works, even amidst personal tragedy in his family early in his life. Who would have known he would turn the men in South Africa around, minister worldwide and attract 200 000 men (Mighty Men Conference  April 2009) and 400 000 men (as expected for the last Mighty Men Conference to be held in Greytown in 2010)? But he was faithful in the least (Luke 16:10) and more than 40 years later, close to 70, his harvest is evident for all.

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Friends of ours blessed us with tickets and we, in turn could bless 3 of our young disciples Gerald, Janine and Frenelee, with tickets for the event. They testified this morning what a blessing it was, and how the Lord spoke to each of them.
While worshipping with thousands of others, amidst the crowd, totally focused and in his own world, a little boy (with the orange t-shirt on the picture above) playing with a stone, caught Johan’s attention – he was oblivious of everything around him, and occupied with one thing only – playing with this stone. Are your attention focused on that one thing, doing that first works, and do you sometimes choose to be oblivious of every negative thing coming against you and your calling?

Is there a song or a book in your heart that is not written yet? Is there a loved one that does not know Jesus yet? Is there a husband of wife still to be met, or a child still to be born? Is there a passion or longing to bring the Gospel to a nation or people somewhere on earth? Whatever the Lord has placed in your heart, keep your vision and calling, return to your first love and first works. As you are faithful in the the small things (Matt 25;21), God will work with you (Mark 16:20) and multiply it far above your wildest imagination!
Take time today to go and write down or review that what the Lord has placed in your heart, and make a commitment to keep your vision and calling.

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