┬áThe key is to focus on one thing at a time. If we spread ourselves out working on a number of different projects and tasks simultaneously, we disperse our attention and lose the ability to leverage our efforts. – Brian Drysdale –

In order to reach your God-given goal and purpose in life, you need to sharpen your focus. Nothing happens anywhere except at the point of focus. If you allow the sun to shine through a magnifying glass, you have the power to create an inferno – but only at the point of focus! Everywhere else you have just distorted light. As you get closer to the point of focus, things begin to hot up, but only at the pinhead of focus, the heat is sufficient enough to start a fire.

The Lord gives you the ability to do everything He expects you to do. You have the privilege, and an obligation to focus and utilize these God-given talents and resources so that His will for you may be fulfilled. The enemy wants to keep you busy with a myriad of unimportant or seemingly important things, or confuse you as to you God-given purpose in life. Much energy is wasted on shifting between decisions, never quite choosing which path to take, or trying to accomplish too much. Focus on the critical issues and actions that will lead you to your purpose.

Keep your ultimate focus on Jesus Christ, the Author and Finisher of you faith, dreams, hopes, etc, (Hebrews 12:1-2) and He will empower you to focus on that one thing He has purposed for you. When you experience a kind of slump, ask God to help you to refocus on your ultimate goal – it will renew your strength of purpose and help you move forward. Don’t just distort light – create an inferno!

What is the most significant task you can complete today that will lead to your goal and purpose? Put all your energy and resources into the accomplishment of this task. Make this a habit every day.

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